Something which started as a small snapchat account a few years ago, filming drunk people asleep on the curb has become bigger and bigger every year.
The ZanteBible now boasts thousands of like minded Zante party goer followers on all of their platforms.

It is now one of Zante’s leading, most trustworthy and real sources of information about the island and the Laganas strip.

They have access to our full schedule of events all summer long, which includes the ones featured on our Zante Mega Deal to give you a real sense of what to expect before you arrive on your holiday this upcoming summer!

Catch them out on the strip every night in Zante’s most popular bars and clubs to be featured on their accounts, or send in your holiday snaps/videos to show everyone what a great time you had whilst on holiday in Zante.

So for real, daily and exclusive content, make sure you give their accounts a follow for a free live look at Zante before you touchdown.

Check out their full write ups on Zante’s nightlife and some ideas for day time activities here : 

All of Zante’s summer bangers in one playlist. Perfect for playing through your speakers on your balcony during pre drinks


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