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Hi Everyone

We thought we’d write a quick update for you all, summarising what we know so far and what’s happened since the last news post on HolidayBoxOffice.com. It’s not a great deal of information but you might find it useful for making your holiday plans moving forward.

All direct International flights have now been given a start date of 1st July 2020 along with all tourist hotels in the resort of LaganasThe same date has also been given to open air bars including CHERRYBAY front bar!!

CherryBay and Holiday Box Office have taken the decision to use this date as a platform for them to move forward. Their first event is now scheduled to be Tidal Boat Party on Saturday 4th July. Anybody that has a booking preceding this date, will be contacted within the next week with a more detailed explanation of what happens next.

The Greek government have offered to create an ‘Air Bridge for UK customers, this basically means that if the UK agree (which they should) then there will be no quarantine restrictions for UK customers either before OR after their holiday. Greece is in a unique position with less than 170 COVID-19 victims recorded in total, as they have done such an amazing job at keeping the virus contained, an ‘Air Bridge’ is a highly likely solution for tourists in summer 2020. This is the most positive news regarding holidays in Greece so far, and things are really starting to look up. Famous landmarks such as The Acropolis were opened for tourists last week in Athens, along with cafe’s, restaurants and bars following social distancing measures.

The way we see it at the moment, there is a lot of positive news, and as the days pass, more positives are coming. The only downside is there may be restrictions on the capacity of venues and events, this has not been confirmed yet, but is something we can work alongside, in order to provide you with the best possible holiday experience.

As soon as we have more relevant information, we will post it here for you, but the most important thing to note is… CHERRYBAY is BACK for SUMMER 2020!

Team CherryBay