CoronaVirus Update

Firstly we hope everyone is staying safe in this incredibly difficult time. We wanted to give you an update on the current situation regarding your holidays to Zante this Summer.

As it stands most major airlines including Tui and Jet2 are scheduled to be back to normal as of the 17th of June 2020. Although that date is not set in stone it is looking increasingly likely that holidays before this date may be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic.

What should I do if my holiday is before the 17th of June 2020?

We would recommend considering swapping your holiday to July, August or September if you haven’t already. Even after the travel restrictions are lifted it is going to take time for everyone to adjust back to normal routine and this is most likely going to be done in transitional phases. Most providers are offering date changes free of charge so it would be our recommendation to take advantage of that. Any event tickets can also be swapped to your new date free of charge.

Is the Summer 2020 season still going to happen?

Yes, as it currently stands the season is still 100% on. We are confident that by July we will be back in the full swing of a normal season. With the Majority of holiday bookings being made in January, February & March and the earlier arrival dates in May and the beginning of June getting swapped to later in the season we would expect the resort in July, August and September to be at full capacity.

Can I get a refund for my holiday?

With everything that is going on the chances of getting a refund for your holidays are slim. The travel industry is losing a lot of money with the ongoing pandemic and they have a lot of costs to cover. That being said all major Tour Operators are offering no cost date changes to customers which we would recommend taking advantage of if your date is before the 17th of June 2020.

What are the benefits of travelling later in the season?

Generally speaking July is the most popular month in Zante for tourists. With that comes bigger acts, more events, busier clubs and all in all makes for a better party. The weather is also a factor to consider, July and August can reach highs of 35 degrees+ and with only a small chance of rain, it’s the perfect time to visit Zante!

We will continue to keep you as up to date as possible with any new information that we receive in the coming weeks.

Please be aware of the spread of false information and inaccurate advice you often find on Social Media. We will only offer information once it is made factual by the Greek Government or other governing bodies.

You can also join the Official Zante 2020 Tourist group on Facebook by clicking here, for consistently updated and factual information as it happens.

Finally we are looking forward to partying with you all in Zante this Summer. In the meantime, stay safe.. #Zante2020