Zante is famous for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason has to be the world class events that take place weekly around the resort of Laganas. There’s so much going on throughout the summer, below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the best events there are. We feel at CherryBay, like we have a responsibility to show the absolute best, as we’ve been at the forefront of Zante nightlife for over 25 years now, so sit back, relax, and check out the events below that will make your holiday, simply unforgettable.



29may23:30Glitter & Gold


01jun21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

04jun21:00Danny T Thursday's

05jun23:30Glitter & Gold

08jun21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

11jun21:00Danny T Thursday's

12jun23:30Glitter & Gold

15jun21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

18jun21:00Danny T Thursday's

19jun23:30Glitter & Gold

22jun21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

25jun21:00Danny T Thursday's

26jun23:30Glitter & Gold

29jun21:45Full Moon Barcrawl


02jul21:00Danny T Thursday's

03jul23:30Glitter & Gold

06jul21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

09jul21:00Danny T Thursday's

10jul23:30Glitter & Gold

13jul21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

16jul21:00Danny T Thursday's

17jul23:30Glitter & Gold

20jul21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

23jul21:00Danny T Thursday's

24jul23:30Glitter & Gold

27jul21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

30jul21:00Danny T Thursday's

31jul23:30Glitter & Gold


03aug21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

06aug21:00Danny T Thursday's

07aug23:30Glitter & Gold

10aug21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

13aug21:00Danny T Thursday's

14aug23:00Zante Workers Oscars

14aug23:30Glitter & Gold

17aug21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

20aug21:00Danny T Thursday's

21aug23:30Glitter & Gold

24aug21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

27aug21:00Danny T Thursday's

28aug23:30Glitter & Gold

29aug23:00Fuck Off August!

31aug21:45Full Moon Barcrawl


03sep21:00Danny T Thursday's

04sep23:30Glitter & Gold

07sep21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

10sep21:00Danny T Thursday's

11sep23:30Glitter & Gold

14sep21:45Full Moon Barcrawl

17sep21:00Danny T Thursday's

18sep23:30Glitter & Gold