CherryBay has been at the forefront of Zante nightlife for the past 26 years, it was around before the majority of the tourists that now come in their thousands each year to visit. It’s fair to say, CherryBay has stood the test of time in a resort where competition is fiercer than anywhere. This fact alone tells you 1 thing, it’s bloody awesome.

2018 Saw a big change for Cherry as we moved 200 metres up to the heart of the action on the Laganas Strip, with a brand new Jet Ski, a brand new speed boat DJ box, and a full re-vamp, we’re bigger, better and busier than ever before!

We throw some big events throughout the week, and of course the CherryBay Weekender is still going strong where most of the resorts workforce descend to party with us until 8am.

We have VIP & private table options available for customers that want something a bit more special, and we’ve teamed up with the biggest and best events on the island to form ZanteMegaDeal

Make sure you visit CherryBay for the ultimate party atmosphere in the ultimate party venue! Our front bar is open every night from 21:00 and the club opens its doors at midnight.




THURSDAY’S – 22:00 – 00:00